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Subfloor Panel Tiles (Underlayment) for Basement Flooring

Subfloor Panel Tiles are used as underlayment for Basement Flooring. They are made out of 100% inorganic material with a grid structure base to prevent mold growth under carpets, vinyl planks, luxury vinyl floor and other floors found in basements.

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Subfloor Panel Tile – Underlayment

Manufactured in the USA, the subfloor panel tile is designed to create a floating underlayment to use underneath regular carpet, vinyl planks and other inorganic floating floor installs, including other Floor Junkies basement flooring products. It is designed to provide a protective barrier that separates the concrete base from the overlay while the grid underneath leaves an air gap for air circulation.

  • Made to be used as a basement subfloor
  • Grid Structure Helps Prevent Overlay Damage
  • May be used in conjunction with our other basement flooring options
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Durable & Flexible
  • 10-year Residential Warranty
  • Made in USA

Grid Structure Helps Prevent Overlay Damage

When the muggy warmth of the humidity in your basement comes in contact with the concrete floor (which is a naturally cooler surface), the difference in temperature plus the moist air are likely to cause condensation to occur on top of the concrete floor. This causes mold and mildew to develop on your carpet or planks placed on top of the concrete. The purpose of the Subfloor panel tile is to protect your finished floor from such moisture problems that could potentially occur in your basement. The materials used to create this tile form a mold resistant barrier between the concrete floor and the finished floor. The grid structure underneath the Subfloor Panel Tile provides an air gap that keeps the humidity from damaging your finished floor. Unlike the other interlocking tiles, the Subfloor Panel Tile is made with flap features along the same sides as the loops to block moisture from seeping through providing an additional seal. Intended to be used in residential basements, this tile protects carpet, vinyl planks, or other engineered flooring from potential moisture damage.

TIP: The use of Vinyl Tape is recommended for use with this underlayment subfloor panel tile. It will provide an additional seal for protection from humidity.

Use with other basement flooring

The basement Subfloor tile is a mold-resisting flexible polymer tile manufactured with a grid structure underneath. This web-like design allows humidity to circulate and stabilize underneath the subfloor tile while blocking the moisture from damaging the overlay without causing mold or mildew growth on the tile. Of course, Floor Junkies’ vinyl, carpet, and polymer tiles already contain a similar grid structure which allows ventilation for moisture and vapor to escape. However, the Subfloor tile is used as a flooring solution when the desired overlay does not have the grid structure to allow the circulation of air and humidity, i.e. Flexible PVC tiles, 23 x 23 tiles, vinyl planks, luxury vinyl tiles, carpet squares, regular carpet, etc. Nearly all flat base products are compatible with the Subfloor panel tile.

Easy to Assemble

The six loop-to-peg interlocking system along with the light weight of the Subfloor tiles make installation simple. This interlocking system allows the tiles to snap together like a puzzle. These basement tiles can interlock with a single downward push using your bare hands; however, a small, plastic mallet and knee pads may be used to further ease your installation process. In cases of flooding or excessive water situations, the Subfloor tiles can be as easily disassembled as they are installed. As another benefit to its lightweight interlocking system, the Subfloor tile is portable and can be taken with you when relocating.

Durable & Flexible

Manufactured with specially formulated flexible polymer, the basement Subfloor tile can support large amounts of weight in your basement (i.e., sofas, cabinets, pool tables, etc.). However, because they are flexible, this subfloor panel tile can conform to slightly uneven surfaces.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Manufacture United States
Condition New
Material Flexible Polymer
Special Features Indoor, High Load Capacity
Floor Texture Flat Smooth Top
Surface Appearance Polymer
Edge Edge-to-Edge
Size 12" x 12" x 1/2"
Package Quantity 27 tiles
Coverage 1 sq. ft. per tile
Applications Basement


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