We have multiple types of garage flooring with different characteristics depending on the component materials used to produce them.  Below, you will find the various types of garage flooring we sell organized by the component material used.


High-Impact Polypropylene

Essentially, this is a high-impact plastic that can withstand roll-on weights of a car or truck. Polypropylene is an obvious choice since the material its self is resistant to most liquids found in a garage.  Polypropylene does not suck up liquids so it is harder to get mold under the tiles.  It also has a high melting point (about 150°C) making ideal for garage that get very hot during the summer.  Rubber tires do not leave a mark on these garage tiles.


We carry BlockTile Garage Floor Tiles made out of this material.  It is one of our more affordable products starting at $1.79 per square foot for the Coin pattern garage tile.  The garage tiles measure 12”x12”x3/8” and they come in 10 colors with 3 different patterns; coin, diamond and perforated.  BlockTiles garage floor tiles are generally used for home garage flooring, basements, trade show displays, small trailers and commercial displays.  The construction of the garage tiles is hollow with groves underneath for air and water circulation.  These garage tiles interlock easily and can be used to form various patterns making them a very popular choice for residential use.  Visit our residential Garage Flooring Gallery to view some examples of how they were used by our customers.


It is also used as a base for the high-end aluminum garage tiles. This product is currently in development and is expected to be available for sale in October 2009.


Flexible PVC (used for Rubber Flooring)

Most people think of PVC as a rigid tube used for irrigation or plumbing.   However, advancements in thermoplastic polymers have allowed a variety of uses for this material. Garage flooring is one good example.  Flexible PVC (a thermoplastic polymer) is used as a substitute for natural rubber.  Hence, the Flexible PVC Tiles are also known as rubber floor tiles or interlocking rubber floor.


We carry BlockTile Flexible PVC Tiles (rubber flooring) in two varieties: 12” and 18” version.  The two interlocking rubber floor versions have different locking mechanisms. The 12” version has a male peg to female loop type of mechanism. When the installation is finished, they will have perfect straight lines next to each tile.  The 18”version has a zipper type of locking mechanism. When two color garage tiles are installed next to each other, they will have the zigzag type of look.  Many people do not like it when they are mixing colors. The advantage is that the 18” rubber tiles are much easier to install or uninstall.  You can remove one tile without the need to disrupting the entire floor.


The rubber tiles (flexible pvc tiles) are ideal for home gym flooring, high-end garage floor where heavy traffic will be used. It is also great for commercial applications such as auto repair shops.  Because they can withstand very heavy weight, they are ideal for warehouses where a forklift will be used.  Many of our customers have used this rubber flooring for airplane hangers.