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18" Flexible PVC Ramp Edges with Loops

18" Flexible PVC Ramp Edges with Loops

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Ramp Edges WITH Loops (Flexible PVC)

There are two types of edges for Floor Junkies’ 18-inch Flexible PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles: Ramp Edges WITH Loops and Ramp Edges WITHOUT Loops. These names refer to the loop-to-peg interlocking system on the long side of the Ramp Edge. Given that the tiles are modular by nature, there is no right or wrong decision with your selection of either type of edge for your installation. However, it is advised for you to consider your selection depending on how you start your installation and the type of room in which you are installing the interlocking floor tiles.

  • 18” x 3-1/4” x 1/4"
  • Professional-Grade Flexible PVC Material
  • 6 Loops (on long side)
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Low Noise Surface
  • Slip Resistant
  • High-Impact Resistant
  • High-Load Resistant
  • Full UV Protection
  • Made for 18” x 18” Flexible PVC interlocking tiles
  • Made in the USA

Wall-to-Wall Installation

Deciding which of the two ramp edges you will need is all dependent on where you begin your installation; the entrance or the back of your room. If you choose to start installing at the entrance of the room, Ramp Edges WITH Loops are needed. It is important to remember that two sides of the tiles have pegs and the other two sides have loops. Therefore, it is recommended that the tiles be positioned so that it’s loops are facing the back of the room and are opposite to the corner from where you begin installing. By aligning the tiles in such a way, beneficially, you assure an easier installation for your floor.

Sectional Installation

In the case that you are creating a floor mat for your garage or home gym, you will need both types of Ramp Edges, plus Corners Pieces. Let’s say for instance, you need your floor mat to be 18 x 30-ft. To find out how many inches is in 18-ft. and 30-ft., you multiply 18-ft. and 30-ft. by 12-in. (inches per foot), thus being 216-in. and 360-in. You then divide the total amounts of inches by 18-in. (representing the inches per side of the tile), so 216 / 18 = 12 and 360 / 18 = 20. Therefore, you would need 12 Ramp Edges WITH Loops for the length and 20 Ramp Edges WITHOUT Loops for the width on BOTH sides of your interlocking floor mat. Of course, you will also need 4 Corner Pieces for each point of the mat. During this process, it is important to keep in mind that two adjacent sides of the interlocking floor mat will have loops and the other two sides will not have loops.

Other Ramp Edge Information

Although the Ramp Edges are optional to use alongside the interlocking tiles, it is recommended. Since the Flexible PVC interlocking floor tiles are 1/4-in tall, the transition from the subfloor to the top of the actual tiles could potentially cause one to trip. The Ramp Edges, however, create a smooth, inclined slope to better ease walking or driving over them. Combined with the Corner Pieces, the Ramp Edges provide that finished, high-quality appeal your floor needs.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Manufacture United States
Condition New
Material Flexible PVC
Floor Texture Flat Textured Top
Size 18" x 3-1/4" x 1/4" - Ramped
Package Quantity No
Coverage 18" Linear
Applications Commercial Display, Garage, Garage Entrance , Garage Mat Border, Home Gym, Tile Accessory, Trade Show


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